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The Chatstation has members from all over the UK. Some are looking for friendship and others just want to enjoy fun chat with like minded people.


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Lyn 07088-727000 NEWEllie 07088-727008 Jess 07088-727016 NEWCara 07088-727024
NEWBrook 07088-727001 Zena 07088-727009 Angie 07088-727017 Louise 07088-727025
Jackie 07088-727002 Donna 07088-727010 Kelly 07088-727018 Denise 07088-727026
Keelie 07088-727003 Jackie 07088-727011 Jo 07088-727019 Cindy 07088-727027
NEWSteph 07088-727004 NEWDiana 07088-727012 Tina 07088-727020 Karla 07088-727028
April 07088-727005 Shelly 07088-727013 NEWKay 07088-727021 Mina 07088-727029
NEWKerry 07088-727006 Camie 07088-727014 Lisa 07088-727022 Daisy 07088-727030
Ellie 07088-727017 Kelly 07088-727035 Rosie 07088-727023 Sandy 07088-727031
NEWJannis 07088-727032 Tamara 07088-727020 Suzie 07088-727041 NEWElsa 07088-727036
Lou 07088-727015 NEWKimberly 07088-727021 Chris 07088-727012 Penny 07088-727013
Terri 07088-727016 Jacquie 07036-599000 NEWLinda 07088-727028 Zena 07088-727044
NEWJenna 07088-727007 NEW Cherie 07036-599001 Donna 07088-727009 Emma 07088-727045
Carlene 07088-727039 NEW Lucy 07036-500637 Elaine 07088-727011 Binny 07088-727035
Debs 07088-727040 NEW Gemma 07036-599003 Melinda 07088-727022 NEWApril 07088-727034
Molly 07088-727042 NEW Dolcie 07036-599004 NEWLeanne 07088-727023 Jackie 07088-727002
Cally 07036-524910 Sadie 07036-599005 Sue 07088-727025 Keelie 07088-727038
Debs 07036-524911 Kim 07036-599006 Lynne 07088-727024 Steph 07088-727031
NEWCherry 07036-524912 NEW Vicky 07036-599007 NEW Gemma 07036-599022 Ellie 07088-727029
Lina 07036-524913 Marie 07036-599008 Kylie 07012-904925 NEW Marie 07036-524948
NEW Stacie 07036-524914 NEW Jayde 07036-599009 Cathy 07012-904926 NEW Kandi 07036-524949
Kerry 07036-524915 NEW Lexi 07036-599010 Donna 07012-904927 NEW Kacey 07036-524950
Sophie 07036-524916 NEW Roxy 07036-599011 Fizz 07012-904928 Jackie 07036-524951
Samantha 07036-524917 Sarah 07036-599012 Sabrina 07012-904929 Keelie 07036-524952
Kay 07036-524918 Kirsty 07036-599013 Cleo 07012-904930 NEW Clarice 07036-524953
Trina 07036-524919 NEW Candy 07036-599014 Anna 07012-904931 NEW Jessica 07036-524954
NEW Rachel 07036-524920 NEW Mandi 07036-599015 Cherry 07012-904932 Kerry 07036-524955
Elaine 07036-524921 Shelly 07036-599016 Tamara 07012-904933 Jenna 07036-524956
NEW Kylie 07036-524922 Sharna 07036-599017 Fiona 07012-904934 Ellie 07036-524957
NEW Sasha 07036-524923 Laura 07036-599018 NEW Carly 07012-904935 Zena 07036-524958
Rita 07036-524924 Sadie 07036-599019 NEW Demi 07012-904936 Donna 07036-524959
Lou 07036-524925 Imogen 07036-599020 Chris 07012-904937 Jackie 07036-524960
Tabby 07036-524926 NEW Clara 07036-599021 Suzie 07012-904938 Diana 07036-524961
NEW Ellie 07036-524927 Trisha 07036-500600 Elaine 07012-904939 Shelly 07036-524962
Emma 07036-524928 Keenan 07036-500601 Leah 07012-904940 Camie 07036-524963
NEW Samantha 07036-524929 NEW Lisa 07036-500602 Melinda 07012-904941 Taylor 07036-524964
Tamara 07036-524930 NEW Crystal 07036-524942 Louise 07012-904942 Jess 07036-524965
NEW Josie 07036-524931 Denise 07036-524943 Kalli 07012-904960 Angie 07036-524966
Melinda 07036-524932 Cindy 07036-524944 Addison 07012-904961 Kelly 07036-524967
Ellie 07036-524933 NEW Sasha 07036-524945 Maya 07012-904962 Jo 07036-524968
Suzie 07036-524934 NEW Molly 07036-524946 Bree 07012-904963 Tina 07036-524969
Jessica 07036-524935 Daisy 07036-524947 Faith 07012-904964 Kay 07036-524970
Trudie 07036-524936 NEW Roseanne 07036-518118 Heather 07012-904965 Lisa 07036-524971
NEW Louise 07036-524937 NEW Ginger 07012-904913 Gail 07012-904966 Rosie 07036-524972
Clair 07036-524938         Sandie 07036-524973
NEW Bethany 07036-524939         Male Members
NEW Chantel 07036-524940         Carl 07036-5437507
Helen 07036-524941 Alfie 07036-5437507
NEW Louisa 07012-904917 Ian 07036-5437508
    Rob 07036-5437509


*Calls to all these numbers are charged at 51p per minute, plus your phone company's access charge 

Please be aware, your FREE Minutes on mobiles DO NOT count calling these numbers.

All callers must be eighteen years or older. You must have the bill payers permission to make any calls.


The Chatstation operates a strict zero tolerance with caller abuse.

Should any caller cause harassment or verbal abuse to any of the Chatstation members, they will be blocked from calling any of the lines.

All calls are recorded for protection purposes for both parties.  

Helpline: e-mail: thechatstation@btinternet.com





*All personal 070 numbers are not sex chatline numbers, mobile numbers nor premium rate numbers, they are for our members own personal use from this chatroom. Any personal number (PN2) beginning with 07000 to 07099 are charged at 42.555p per minute + VAT from a BT landline. Calls from other networks and from mobiles may be considerably higher. Access charges apply. Always remember if other services do not tell you the cost of calling their numbers, it may cost you more than you think. If you are calling from a mobile to 070 numbers, it will not be part of your free mobile minutes.

Unfortunately, we have members who use and leave these lines without informing the Chatstation, so you may be connected to a new member's number who has obtained the previous members number, whereby your call will be answered. This may also apply if a member is away or busy.

 The Chatstation should  not to be mistaken as a dating or escort service. There are numerous other dating websites which cater for those needs which require a subscription or other forms of payment. The Chatstation offers folks to enjoy fun chat and to make friends with members who have left their personal *070 number here. We also wish to make clear  the proprietors of  The Chatstation are not held responsible for any arrangements by the members. Should you make any arrangements it it wise to make courtesy calls prior to a meeting, to save any embarrassment or costs.  Please view the safety tips page here

The Chatstation does not accept some withheld numbers, but you can get through by putting 1470 in front of the number you are dialing. The Chatstation requests all users to view the Terms and Conditions and the Safety Tips Page . All callers must be of eighteen years or over and have the bill payers permission. It is with understanding should a caller use the above Chatstation numbers, it is assumed that the caller has read and accepts the  Terms and Conditions  (click to view).

Finally..........The Chatstation cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of views or information provided by users of this website nor for any arrangements between callers and Chatstation members..  All views and information expressed in users communications and profiles represent the opinions of the users concerned and do not represent the views of The Chatstation. All persons stated above have voluntary left their personal numbers to be contacted on for their own private use.  Please note that when ever you visit any website, your IP address is normally recorded. For callers safety all calls are recorded. Only the Chatroom is free, but in order to access it you must register first. We have a system for our administrators and moderators which allows them to check IP addresses of everyone who enters the chat rooms.  We do this to protect The Chatstation from porn spammers and potentially dangerous people. IP addresses are used to ban users who spam and cause problems.


The Chatstation operates a strict zero tolerance with caller abuse. Should any caller cause harassment or verbal abuse to any of the Chatstation members, they will be blocked and banned from calling any of the lines. All  calls are recorded for the protection of both caller and member.


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